“Destino really knows the poker world and makes it come alive on the page.”
Linda Johnson, The First Lady of Poker

“Well written and captivating. Read in two days,hard to put down. Loved the character driven story. Very descriptive.”
– Gail Hill

“Bells! Whistles! Fireworks! Great Book!
Whether you are a card player or not, this is a must read. Joan Destino has done a remarkable job of waeving a story about a business woman, a perfect wife, a loving mother…who is also a gambling addict. Wow!!! I can’t wait for the next one.”
– Lynn Taylor

“Extremely well written. This is an excellent read. This book gives us a window into the poker world at the same time engaging us in a story that spans decades. From post WWII Germany to 1990s Vegas we follow the life of a trouble woman and the fascinating characters that surround her. I recommend it.”
– Ranben

“River Card took me from Germany shortly after the end of World War II to the excitment and glamor of the Las Vegas Strip in the 1990’s. Gambling in the poker room at the Mirage Hotel. Characters in every walk of life. I couldn’t put the book down!.”
– Jacqueline

“I could not put this book down! It is beautifully written and a great story that is really 2 stories in one, perfectly blended together. I would highly recommend it!”
– Sarah Lindsey

“I’ve worked in the poker industry for the last 12 years & Joan Destino does a great job of bringing all of the interesting characters found in every poker room to the page.

The pacing and structure of the two separate stories are done perfectly to keep you hooked as they start to intertwine into one.”
– Joe Kearney Jr.

“Fine writing, original story, took me to a couple of new worlds I knew nothing about, all adding up to me highly recommending River Card. I hope Joan Destino writes more books, I would read them for sure!”
– Rosie Stone